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Why Hire A Freelancer For Your Business?

Working from home

‘The future of business’

I truly believe that hiring freelance talent is the future of business. This insight has only been compounded by COVID-19! It’s clear the modern workforce is changing, and it’s become apparent that work truly can be done from home to the same, if not better standard, then from inside an office.

Personally, I have worked as a freelance writer, freelance researcher, and freelance social media marketer ever since graduating from my masters at the University of Oxford in 2017 and can’t help but notice the huge advantages it has for both businesses and me.

I choose to work freelance as I enjoy the freedom and flexibility it gives me. I have travelled around the world for the last few years working remotely from my laptop, providing my expertise to those in need.

I have enjoyed working with a range of clients from The History Channel to The Saïd Business School at Oxford to The Guardian. I also enjoy the variety of work that comes to me – whether that be researching and writing about the history of swear words or writing business case studies for tech companies, I never know what the day will bring.

How can hiring freelance help you?

Focus on your business

1. Allows you to focus on your business

Does it ever seem like there’s just not enough hours in the day? Or that you’re constantly chasing one of your employees for a piece of work because they seem overwhelmed with other tasks? I’ve found many businesses come to me because this is the case.

From an economic standpoint, resources are finite, but our wants are infinite, and the problem is there is an opportunity cost associated with every economic decision made. By choosing to spend 5 hours writing, researching, and editing your own blog post, you are forgoing the time that could be better spent on high-level tasks that only you can do to grow your business.

Hiring freelance allows you to clear out time to focus on what you excel at and delegate work to others accordingly.

Choose Flexbility

2. Flexibility


Hiring freelance means that you can employ when it suits you! It really gives you flexibility with employment as you are not locked into a certain time frame. You do not, for example, have to waste your money hiring an individual year-round if you only need them temporarily. You can hire a freelance for a one-off project, a more complex long-term project, or if you want to add to your team without the commitment of full-time employment.

University of Oxford

3. Unparalleled access to top-tier talent!

One business I talked to needed new blog posts but didn’t have any staff that both knew enough about Land Rover culture and also excelled at writing in a witty and humorous way. To overcome this issue, they came to me! I have previously written for Land Rover specialist publications and excel at writing in a variety of different tones.

Hiring freelance allows a business to browse through different profiles and select the freelancer that is most appropriate to the job they need completing. It also allows you to contact the best graduates from around the world – regardless of your location. For example, the University of Oxford, my alma mater, is known for being one of the most prestigious educational institutions worldwide. As a result of their high-quality education, they produce the most effective and hard-working graduates on the market. Hiring freelance gives you access to these individuals without the commitment of full-time employment.

Further, freelancers typically dedicate their time to specialising in an area, making them some of the best in their industry. I chose to specialise in writing, editing, and researching because those are the key skills I gained through my education and I have honed these skills over my years as a freelancer. I do not, for example, offer personal training services because that’s not my speciality! Hiring freelance allows you to select specialists in the area you need, giving unparalleled access to top-tier talent.

Cost savings

4. Cost-effective

On that note, hiring freelance workers is also cost-effective. While I have years of experience in the areas that I specialise in and am thus priced on the higher end of the talent you can find available online, great quality takes time and so I do not compete on price. However, you save money by only hiring when you need a freelancer.


Further, hiring freelance means that you do not have to cover medical expenses, you do not pay for sick days, you do not have to buy your freelancer a laptop for work, or pay for downtime for example. You only pay for the hours your freelancer works! This enables you to make the most of your money and spend it where you see fit.

Quick and efficient service

5. & Better service

Finally, unlike your employees, freelancers know that in order to retain their job, they have to give 100% when it comes to customer service else, they risk losing the contract to someone else. As a result, freelancers often offer a quicker turnaround then you’d expect, and produce a very high-quality of work.


As a freelancer myself, I find I also work more irregular hours than a typical employee – I do not ‘clock off’ at 5pm. As I do not work regular hours, I am happy to stay up late if need be to respond to comments from clients around the world and ensure I’m there whenever I’m needed!


If you're convinced, why not check out my writing portfolio, researching portfolio, or social media marketing portfolio if you need support? Alternatively, you can contact me to find out how I can help! 


If you're looking for a service that I don't offer, there are many websites on the internet that allow you to find Freelance workers, from Upwork to PeoplePerHour and I encourage you to check them out and find an individual that suits your needs! 

Happy hunting. 

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