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Freelance Researcher Portfolio

Having studied in further education for four years, I have become an expert freelance researcher. I have won awards to conduct research abroad, and have experience in a broad range of areas. I can competently research any topic as I am aware of the different ways you can approach a subject and know of all the different resources you can use to complement a well-worded Google.


I most enjoy academic research related to History but I have a wide range of experience, including helping PR companies and conducting competition research for clients. So, whether you need an archival preface, want to know more about your client, or want to learn about a specific topic, I can assist you with my freelance research skills!

Please note, I have done a lot of research that is sensitive so cannot be listed in my portfolio. I have experience coming up with on-trend podcast episodes, for example, and researching for grant applications. I may be able to privately send you an example if appropriate. 

If you have never hired a freelance researcher before, please visit this blog post I created about the benefits of doing so. I also encourage you to check out how I work out prices for the work I produce.

"Scarlett had excellent communication - she got the tone, detail, length right. Scarlett also included some nice authentic and novel ideas that brought the piece to life for our target audience. 100% recommend. Great work and will definitely be using again for future writing. The content subject matter is not easy, and she researched it and clearly put a lot of time and effort into the planning and execution of the content. Top marks!"

Ed Challinor, CEO of SmileWorks Liverpool

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