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Social Media Marketing Portfolio

Are you struggling to work out how Facebook Pixel functions? Don't know why your ads aren’t converting? Want to learn more about your audience? Get in touch to discover how I can help you harness the power of social media and gain a solid ROI.

How can I help?

I'm happy to discuss a unique package tailored to your needs. To start with though, here's a selection of what I offer:

  • Design and implement social media strategy to align with business goals. Consider: Do you want e-mail leads? Sales? Website visitors? More Page likes? In-store foot traffic?

  • Write creative copy for captions on ads and posts

  • Schedule and find creative (image, news story, video etc), edit content, and publish engaging posts across Facebook and Instagram using a scheduling platform e.g. Hootsuite

  • Work with you to set specific objectives and report on ROI

  • Collaborate with other teams such as marketing and sales to ensure brand consistency

  • Perform research on current trends and audiences

  • Communicate with followers and respond to queries in a timely manner and monitor customer reviews

  • Conduct hashtag research for organic growth on Instagram

Scarlett Mansfield - Freelance Writer, H

In marketing, there are two main types of growth: Organic and Paid

I have experience at both of these methods and believe a hybrid approach is required. It's not enough to just pay to promote each post and hope for the best - to achieve the most effective results you need to also ensure the content posted on your page is up-to-date, relevant, and engaging - this will help keep costs/ your ROI lower too.


Social media is worth investing in and is one of the cheapest ways to reach a broad audience. While one of my clients may spend £400 on ad a specialist magazine with 16,000 readers a month, a large portion of whom skim over ads, instead, for £453 ad spend a month they reached 37,800 people, resulting in 203 purchases worth £63,201 - that's a return on ad spend of £139.50 per £1 spent!

Further - did you know it costs 5 to 25 times more to acquire a new customers than it does to keep an existing one? As such, I work on a two-fold approach. With my ads, I aim to retain existing customers and re-advertise to those who have heard of the company and I also work on advertising to new customers who may not have heard of you but are interested in your product/ service. 

Land Rover Freelander in the Mountains

Britcar UK are a Land Rover and Jaguar car parts company based in Ipswich, Suffolk. I run ads over Facebook and Instagram.

​Over a 6-month period re-targeting customers with paid ads:

  • 934 unique customers placed purchases. For every £1 spend on ads, Britcar made £68.96 - this is known as their  Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) figure.

  • These ads reached 124,361 people and the ads were seen by this group 2,822,579 times (impressions).

  • 12.06% of those reached clicked a link (Unique CTR).

  • 5,557 reactions to these posts - 'likes, love, wow, haha' etc.

Over a 6-month period prospecting new customers with paid ads:

  • 215 unique customers placed purchases. For every £1 spend on ads, Britcar made £12.56 - this is known as their  Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) figure.

  • These ads reached 4,784,244 people. Ads were seen by this group 12,550,544 times (impressions).

  •  3% of those reached clicked a link (unique CTR), costing £0.04 per link click. 

Overall stats for the 6 months:

  • 4,869 new Facebook page likes - taking them from 4,805 to 9,674.

  • 1,013,834 people engaged with the Facebook page (includes any click on our page). 

  • On average, 66,395 people every day saw content from their Facebook Page or had info about their Page enter their screen.

  • On their new Instagram page, they gained 2,482 followers.

Britcar UK Case Study

How did I achieve this growth?

  • Using Facebook Pixel right - It's an often overlooked gold-mine when it comes to advertising online. Facebook Pixel uses intelligent AI to ensure your ad reaches the audience it needs. I know how to use the platform to find where is the cheapest and most effective places to target in order to achieve your goal - in this case, purchase conversions. 

  • Choosing the right creative  -- While a corporate high-definition picture of a modern Land Rover gliding through the desert looks cool, I understood that Britcar's potential customers typically preferred older Land Rover models such as the Series I. They also reacted well to memes and relatable stories that helped humanise the business.

  • Writing engaging copy - I found I could encourage discussion/ engagement by asking users questions about their own experiences. Alternatively, posing controversial points of view also helps i.e. "The new Defender is better than the old Defender. Convince me otherwise!" It doesn't hurt/ actually offend anyone but gets the discussion going and customers fired up.

  • Unique advertising avenues - I took to creative means to get the business in front of people organically too. I joined tons of different Land Rover owner/ fan groups and ensured every now and then a post was genuine enough to cross-post into groups where it would be enjoyed. That way, Britcar received free and direct exposure to Land Rover owners while displaying content the audience would genuinely enjoy.

Social Media Captions  Venue Case Study

From Mar 2019- Jun 2020, I worked with an events venue company. They wanted copy that focused on advertising the venues they worked to both attract new venues to their platform and find potential clients that want to book venues.

They wanted to keep captions short (so they could cross-post on Twitter), have several hashtags included, and a link to each venue at the end of the copy. They wanted to avoid posting too often about what they do directly, and preferred people to click through to their website using the venue link. 

On their website, they provided links to all the venues and asked me to take photos from each venue listing to support and compliment the copy.

Copywriting Content for Prestigious Venues

"I really recommend working with Scarlett. She is a hard-worker who produces high-quality work and great results. She's done a fantastic job on our social media for us and we've really seen a community grow around our brand as well as an increase in sales! She explores different avenues to growth and is always coming up with innovative ways to evolve."

Craig Wood, Manager of Britcar UK Ltd

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