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Freelance Historical Researcher

Oxford & Warwick Graduate

Welcome. My name is Scarlett Mansfield and I graduated with a master's degree, specialising in US History, from the University of Oxford in 2017. Before that, I graduated with a BA (hons) in History from the University of Warwick.


Having spent four years studying a variety of historical subjects, and three years working in a freelance capacity on several projects, I have acquired a multitude of skills and I am proud to call myself a historian. Please note, I live in Brixton so am particularly close to any London archives/ the British Library, should you need my support.


Subject Interest & Experience

For a bit of background, I will list the modules I have studied and projects I am more than happy to work on. These include the History of Medicine, the Enlightenment, Political Ideas in Stuart England, the European World from 1500-1750, the Drug Trade in the Americas from 1900+, the Russian Revolution of 1917, Historiography, and the entirety of US History.

In terms of US History, I have special expertise in the history of anti-trust law in America, politics in the 1960s (particularly individuals like Lyndon Johnson and presidential candidate Barry Goldwater), the John Birch Society, the Vietnam War, Richard Nixon, the Equal Rights Amendment and the SCOTUS more generally, women's history, and the history of the drug trade/ drug enforcement and consequent mass-incarceration.

Unique Advantage

As a graduate from the University of Oxford, I have access to both groups 1 and 2 of the Bodleian Libraries. I find that as alumni, colleges are also more welcoming and go out of their way to help me. I also have experience spending time in the libraries at Oxford and am used to the seemingly complex maze within. This increases the speed and quality of the research I provide. Note, I am particularly familiar with the Vere Harmsworth Library, History Faculty Library, the Social Science Library, and the Weston Library.

Image by Matthew Waring


While the aforementioned subjects are I have experience in, owing to my education, I gained the ability to expertly write and research on topics that I am unfamiliar with. As a result, I excel at succinctly writing what is needed, efficiently scanning and comprehending large volumes of information, and tracking down hard-to-find answers to your most burning questions. Therefore, regardless of what topic you need researching, I am more than happy to help and am able to get stuck in instantly.


Please note, I do not typically focus on genealogy or family history but I do have some experience conducting my own research in this area on my family.


Historical Research Experience

Personal Experience

Asides from historical research for all of my essays at university, I have also conducted a lot of independent research. I was the only undergraduate at Warwick to twice be awarded the Undergraduate Research Support Scholarship. I used this funding as an opportunity to firstly conduct historical research at The Vietnam Center and Archive at Texas Tech University. I explored the lives on Tunnel Rat soldiers during the Vietnam War. I used my second research grant to explore the evolving cultural and legal status of LSD in the 1960s. I visited archives across California to undertake research work for publication at an event later that year.

I also conducted archival research at the Lyndon Johnson Presidential Archives for my undergraduate dissertation that explored the origins of the War on Drugs and the consequent mass incarceration that flowed as a result. My unique take on the subject led me to be the only undergraduate present at the British Academy Conference on Prohibition. 

Finally, I received a Santander Research Scholarship while at Oxford and flew to archives in America to explore the impact of the radical right on the presidential campaign of Barry Goldwater in 1964. 

Previous Business Clients​​​

The History Channel

As part of research for the Curse of Oak Island TV program, they asked me to find out as much as possible in UK archives about Ralph de Sudeley.

Saïd Business School, Oxford 

I wrote and edited case studies for 'The Global History of Capitalism' module. I designed each case study as a discussion point for MBA students.​

History Collection

I researched and wrote several popular History articles, receiving a bonus for producing the highest clickthrough rate of all time.

Dr Mara Keire, Oxford Uni

Used Excel to analyse over 60,000 rows of data relating to crimes committed in New York City between 1914-1925. Cross-referenced cases with media reports and jury verdicts.

Dr Ben Smith, Warwick Uni

Sifted through archives for useful info about the legacy of Mexico's War on Drugs.

PR @ Alchemy Communications

Internet research into how the LGBTQ+ population helped legalise marijuana in California.

SS Columbia Steamboat


Produced archival preface document to give an overview of the SS Columbia.

Anonymous Client

Researched the history of swear words and wrote an article 'F*** Yes: The Culture of Cursing'. 

LBJ Library Archives

Hiring Costs

I charge £35 per hour for all types of research - whether in-person or online.

The minimum charge is £105 for three hours of work. I will provide a free 15-minute phone/ video consultation to discuss your requirement to determine if, and how, I can help. 

Please note, all archival research will require you to cover travelling expenses and time spent travelling charged at £10p/h - I live in Brixton, and it costs around £8 to get to the British Library and back, and is a one-hour round-trip, meaning it would cost £18 (£8 travel, £10 time).

So long as the archive allows it, I am happy to photograph all documents free of charge. If you need a photocopy, these will be charged at cost price + 10%. 

Now, what are you waiting for?

Get in contact today to find out how I can help.

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