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Scarlett Mansfield Freelance Technical Writer

Why hire a Freelance Technical Writer in 2024?

What does a freelance technical writer do?

Are you looking for clear and concise documentation that helps your customers understand and use your product, service, or system? Do you need to distil complex technical subjects into accessible content for everyday users? Do you want to connect with customers or find new ones by driving traffic to your tech-related website or social media? You’ve come to the right place! Hire Scarlett Mansfield as a freelance technical writer.

Why hire me?

Growing up, I was attached to my family computer (much to the annoyance of my sisters) and fascinated by tech icons. I remember reading Walter Issac's Steve Jobs biography and being in awe at the innovation on display and the ability of technology to revolutionise our lives. I loved making my own websites and taught myself basic coding skills, determined to one day be the next Mark Zuckerberg, fascinated by social network websites and the interconnectedness they bought. 


Aged 16, I finally had the chance to study computer programming and dove in, keen to learn new skills and set myself on a path to tech stardom! Alas, I wasn't particularly fond of Visual Basic (I have yet to find anyone who is), and after a certain point, realised my lack of Maths A-Level was holding me back. My dream of going to university to study computing was hampered by my foolish decision not to take Maths. Alas, I have since continued to love tech, and teach myself random skills all the time, but I've discovered I am best suited working adjacent to the industry rather than directly in it.

Instead, I followed my interest in History and earned an undergraduate degree from the University of Warwick, followed by a master’s in History at St Antony’s College at the University of Oxford. I became skilled at in-depth research and writing tasks and set up my own business so I could use these skills to follow my interests, such as technology. 

Truthfully, I am technically competent, and I love writing, but I am not a tech genius. That’s why I’m perfect for technical writing. I understand what you’re telling me and find it fascinating but I couldn’t do the work myself - this gives me a greater ability to capture the essence of your work and convey it in a way an everyday audience can understand.

Technical Writing Portfolio

Technical content for websites, social media, and blogs

​I have worked with many clients to help explain complex technical concepts in an accessible way, here's a sample of some of the work I have previously completed for clients.

Technical pamphlets and sales pitches

​I have worked with clients to write copy for pamphlets to sell their products to different audiences. The info is then given to a graphic designer to produce a finished product.

Hiring Costs

For an understanding of how I price my projects, please visit this page. My rates vary based on the complexity of content. If you need me to read five 2,000 word articles before I begin writing, and summarise key ideas from those papers, that 500 word article suddenly is a lot more time-consuming than one without additional research. Similarly, coming up with fresh ideas from scratch will cost more than being told exactly what to do and how with clear guidance. All prices include one limited rewrite. If you change your mind and require extra drafting, I will charge accordingly.


To provide a brief guideline though, rates start at £450 for a 750 word article with limited research for example. 

Now, what are you waiting for?

Get in contact today to find out how I can help.

"Scarlett had excellent communication - she got the tone, detail, length right. Scarlett also included some nice authentic and novel ideas that brought the piece to life for our target audience. 100% recommend. Great work and will definitely be using again for future writing. The content subject matter is not easy, and she researched it and clearly put a lot of time and effort into the planning and execution of the content. Top marks!"

Ed Challinor, CEO of SmileWorks Liverpool

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